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Every bar needs lavender-flavored Cocktail bitters. It is an essential finish to many cocktails and fruit punches, among a couple of other essential Bitter flavors such as aromatic, vanilla, or orange. This lavender Bitters by Dr. Sour is slightly different, however. Subtle notes of rosemary and cinnamon, and a slight yet very subtle hint of Mezcal (smoky aroma), make this Bitters a unique and delicious essence! This combination evens out the usually powerful and intense aromas of lavender. Very well balanced.

It tastes rich, juicy, yet floral and fragile at the same time. All Bitters at Dr. Sours are handmade in Mexico, using Mezcal as the base alcohol, which adds an interesting and smoky twist to each of their cocktail essences.

How to enjoy Dr. Sours #18: a touch of Dr. Sours #18 goes well in any Gin & Tonic, but aligns nicely with Vodkas and Tequilas as well.


Notes: Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

Net. Cont: 125ml

Country of Origin: Mexico

Alc. Vol: 39%

Coloration: Natural

Dr Sours Bitter Lavanda

35,00 €Price
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