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Siete Misterios Tobala is made with 100% agave Tobala, which is considered by many to be the “king” agave. This agave is extremely hard to harvest as it grows in remote locations, and it is very small, meaning that it requires lots of harvesting to produce a very small batch. This mezcal demonstrates the versatility of the spirit as it represents flavors from across the palate spectrum. This mezcal is milled by hand and distilled in clay pots.


Maguey: 100% Tobala (Potatorum Zucc.)


Location: Sola De Vega, Oaxaca


Rippening time: 10 years


Oven type: Conical Underground oven


Mill type: Wooden mallet


Fermentation water: Mountain spring water


Fermenter type: Wooden tubs made of sabine


Maestro Mezcalero: Don Eleuterio Ogarrio


Distiller Type: Clay pots


Number of distillations: 2


Alc. Vol: 53%


Net. Cont: 700 ml

Los 7 Misterios Tobalá

140,00 €Price
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