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“Aromas of pear and fruit. Herbal and smooth on the palate with a sweet and gritty ending. Reminiscent of pear and apple compote”


Maguey: 100% Espadin (Angustofilia Hawk)


Location: Santa Catarina de Minas, Oaxaca


Rippening time: 10 years


Oven type: Conical Underground oven


Mill type: Wooden mallet


Fermentation water: Water from the well


Fermenter type: Wooden tubs made of pine


Maestro Mezcalero: Edgar Angeles


Distiller Type: Clay pots


Number of distillations: 2


Alc. Vol: 51.1%


Net. Cont: 700 ml

Real Minero Espadín Ancestral

110,00 €Price
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