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Beso Concentrado de Agave is the perfect sweetener, the fluid texture makes it easy to use and blend, and the rounded and slightly nutty character gives other flavors a natural boost. The agave sugar has a higher performance in drinks and cocktails that will requiere you to use less sweetener. It is wonderful to use in desserts, hot and cold drinks.

Colour, Aroma, Taste and Thickness: gives noticeable elements of caramel. Soft and pleasant mouth feels, with elements of French nougat and nut provides a long and consistent taste.


It also contains a higher amount of fructose, meaning that it has a lower glycemic index. It is also perfect for cooking and baking, making your food, desserts and pastries more delicious and healthy.


Beso is produced by agave juice which is concentrated to a liquid and natural sweetener, often called agave syrup or agave nectar coming from the agave plant, Agave Tequilana Weber Blue that is organically grown in the Mexican state of Jalisco.


The agave stems are crushed and agave juice is made. The main polysaccharide is called inulin or fructosan and comprises mostly fructose units. The filtered, hydrolyzed juice is concentrated to a syrupy liquid that is perfect for mixing hot and cold drinks.


Beso offers a higher fructose content and thus a lower GI.


Classification Category: Concentrado de Agave (Agave Syrup, Agave Nectar, Miel de Agave) Type: Light Amber

Origin: Agave Tequilana Weber Blue from Jalisco, Mexico

Cooking: Hydrolyzes

Fructose: About 85%

Glycemic index (GI): 22

Beso Concentrado de Agave

35,00 €Price
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