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Hibiscus is widely popular in Mexico. For example, it’s the essential ingredient to the world renowned drink “Agua Fresca de Jamaica”, which is a refreshing soft drink. The Dr. Sours #5 Bitters combines the sweet and sour notes of hibiscus with other berries, mint and anise.

Upon tasting the Dr. Sours #5 Cocktail bitter, it comes across sour at first, but blends into a pleasant sweet taste of rich berries. The uniquely smoky flavour that all Dr. Sours Bitter acquire from their base alcohol (Mezcal) adds nicely to this flavour, but is very subtle in the #5.

How to enjoy Dr. Sours #5: Great with classic cocktail recipes such das the Vieux Carre or a Sazerac. Thanks to its subtle hint of aniseed, it also adds well to Sours, Fancies and Aperitifs. Tip: Try this Bitters in the kitchen!


Notes: Aromatic Cocktail Bitters

Net. Cont: 125ml

Country of Origin: Mexico

Alc. Vol: 39%

Coloration: Natural

Dr Sours BitterJanis & Hibiscus

35,00 €Price
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